Unfair Dismissal Claim

Have you recently experienced an unfair dismissal and want to make a claim? Or do you feel that you need some professional advice on your rights after being dismissed? With up to twenty years of experience dealing with employment law claims for both smaller and very large and complex cases, Nationwide Employment Lawyers are the only specialists that you need to help with your unfair dismissal claim.

You may have the right to claim compensation if you have not been dismissed properly on the grounds of an unfair or discriminatory dismissal. For example if an employer wants to dismiss an employee, the employer must either allow the employee to work out the notice period set out in the employment contract or provide payment instead. If an employer has not followed the correct dismissal procedure and you are able to prove it then you should have the grounds to make a successful, unfair dismissal claim. Opening an unfair dismissal claim that suggests your employer had certain motivations for dismissal, including laws surrounding whistle-blowing and issues relating to maternity, will automatically be viewed as unfair and compensation may be unlimited.

Nationwide Employment Lawyers are fully committed to each and every different case and always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We specialise in working on employee services and can offer the best advice and experience with any unfair dismissal claim. Claims are undertaken either by our specialist employment law solicitors, employment law barristers or a senior employment law advocate. Very few other law firms can offer this range of experience at the rates that we charge whilst still being guaranteed excellent service at excellent value. We will always try to match anything that you have been previously quoted for help with an unfair dismissal claim.

We aim to give you peace of mind at all stages of your unfair dismissal claim. With our successful record and cost-effective service, Nationwide Employment Lawyers will have your back from start to finish. Our lawyers success and high standard of service is reflected in our clients feedback, see for yourself what our clients say.

If you are in need of help with an unfair dismissal claim then we are only professionals you need to contact. For more information on Nationwide Employment Lawyers in London please call: 020 8263 6080.

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