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Risk assessment

We offer a risk assessment where you can supply documents to us, you are able to pay fees (if we need to do additional paid work) and you have a claim.

The details are set out below.


• You are able to send us the key documents and summarise your case in writing.

At least one of the following:

• You earn more than £30,000 (or earned more than £30,000 if you have been dismissed); OR

• You can pay legal fees for subsequent agreed work; OR

• You have legal expenses insurance and send us the policy.


• You have lost money and want compensation. The usual claims are discrimination, whistleblowing, unfair dismissal, equal pay, loss of wages, bullying and harassment or redundancy

Do you want FREE legal advice?

If you earn over £50,000 or have legal expenses insurance, we will give you FREE initial advice.