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Age discrimination in recruitment and selection

Age discrimination legislation was introduced first in 2006 with the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006, which was then incorporated with all other UK equality legislation into the Equality Act 2010 (‘EA’). Since the legislation was introduced it has created a number of situat
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Employment contract disputes – restrictive covenants

protection of employment at work
Restrictive covenants are contractual clauses that place a constraint on the way an employee can behave with respect to certain aspects of his or her job.  Although a contract of employment may have come to an end, the restrictive covenants will often continue in force, ensuring that
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Maternity and paternity issues for part time workers

Whilst flexible working used to have something of a stigma attached to it, nowadays it is recognised as an important way for the changing structures of family life to function to provide for the needs of the modern family. In the light of this, the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Les
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Returning to work after maternity or paternity leave

maternity leave
When children come into the equation, there can be a need to reevaluate the balance of work and life. For many people this will be looking at changing working hours, flexible or part time working. Whilst there is no right to be allowed to work flexibly, there is the right (since 2003)
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Part time workers

part time workers
As a result of the changing structure of family life, the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 (the ‘Regulations’) have been introduced to ensure that those who want to work part time have some degree of protection. Claims brought under the Regu
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Privacy at work

privacy at work
When personal or sensitive personal data is stored or handled by an employer’s relevant filing system (such as manual or paper files, a computer, or another type of electronic device), the Data Protection Act 1998 (the ‘Act’) will apply. Handling or processing may include getting hold
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Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations

Protection of Employment
The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (‘TUPE’) provides protection to existing contracted employees where there is a transfer to another legal entity of:   1. A business or undertaking, 2. A part of a business or undertaking, or 3. A service provider
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Family Leave

family leave
Paternity leave, parental leave and taking time off for dependants are family related rights that are perhaps not that well known in the UK, particularly when compared to those that are more commonly acknowledged, such as maternity leave. However, they do exist and both employers and
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Grievance & Disciplinary Hearings – Grievance procedures

The point of a grievance procedure is to try and enable a solution to be found when problems arise in the workplace between employer and employee, without there being an escalation to a more formal type of process, such as an Employment Tribunal. The kinds of issues that may arise cou
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Discrimination at work – Age Discrimination & Benefits

Discrimination at work
With the arrival of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations in 2006 and the later consolidation of all equality measures into the Equality Act 2010 (‘EA’), treating someone differently in a work environment because of their age, without good reason, became unlawful. However, it is r
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