Claim for Unfair Dismissal

Have you recently been dismissed from work and feel as though your employer hasn’t followed procedures legally? We are Nationwide Employment Lawyers and our team of highly experienced professionals can help you if you are wanting to make a claim for unfair dismissal. We have over twenty years of experience in representing and helping clients with employment law claims and we hold great pride in upholding our superb record of success rates. Our prices are always reasonable and we can safely say that no other company can offer this range of experience at the rates that we charge, whilst still being guaranteed excellent service at a great value.


We have years of expertise in claims of whistleblowing, sex discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, unfair dismissal, redundancy, compromise agreements, workplace bullying and stress claims. If you are looking for experienced professionals who can help you every step of the way with your claim for unfair dismissal, contact Nationwide Employment Lawyers today.


If your employer hasn’t followed the correct dismissal procedures, you may be in the position to file a claim for unfair dismissal and potentially receive compensation. This may also be the case if you are owed a redundancy payment or haven’t been paid for an unfulfilled contractual notice period. You may also feel the need to claim for unfair dismissal if your employer has broken any laws surrounding whistleblowing or if you have been a victim of issues relating to maternity. If you have worked for a company for at least one year, you will be eligible to claim for an unfair dismissal. It is your employers responsibility to give a fair and truthful reason for dismissing an employee. All dismissal procedures should be followed and the process should have been fair and by failing to do so can be viewed as unfair.


Here at Nationwide Employment Lawyers, we can guarantee that our team are always fully committed to our clients. We have an excellent reputation as a business and provide the highest quality services for the very best prices. We known for our customer advocacy and reliability as an establishment, so you know we’re the very best company to go to. From initial consultation through to final result, we will always work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We specialise in working with anything to do with employee services and we can always offer the best advice and experience when going forward with a claim for unfair dismissal.


If you are in need of help or advice with a claim for unfair dismissal, Nationwide Employment Lawyers are the only professionals that you will need. If you would like more information on any of our services or to see if we can help please call: 020 8263 6080.