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New Gender Pay Gap Reporting

New Legislation in Effect As of the 6th of April it became Law for employers in Great Britain with over 250 staff to record and publish four types of figures annually on their own website and on a government website. The four types of figures are: Gender pay gap (mean and median avera
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Article 50 effects on UK Employment Law

United Kingdom’s (UK) employment law stands to feel the effects article 50 triggering, the same way the whole legal system will be taking note. After Britain’s ambassador to the EU Tim Barrow delivered the formal notice the UK’s plans to leave EU under the Article 50 of th
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Territorial Scope of UK Employment Laws – Guideline Decision

British Tribunals can sometimes hear claims brought by foreign nationals. However one recent case proved this is not always a possibility.
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Is Type 2 Diabetes a Disability? Employment Appeal Tribunal Considers

The definition of 'disability' in employment can be controversial. This was highlighted in a case concerning a type 2 diabetes sufferer.
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When Do Cumulative Medical Conditions Amount to Disability?

Employment law for disability can often be unclear, as experienced in a recent tribunal case by a man who suffers from multiple disabilities.
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