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Health and Safety at Work

PROTECTING HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK There are far-reaching powers to protect employees concerned about their health and safety at work. Employees can refuse to work if there they believe their health and safety is at risk (see Employment Rights Act 1996 (“ERA”), s44 (d)). Employees a
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Grievance & Disciplinaries

SUMMARY OF WHISTLEBLOWING LAW HOW TO WRITE A GRIEVANCE LETTER ABOUT DISCRIMINATION OR WHISTLEBLOWING DETRIMENT   Summary 1. Ask your employer for a copy of the Grievance Procedure. 2. Draft a grievance focussing on facts in chronological order : What happened. How it happened. Wh
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Whistleblowing Cases

SUMMARY OF WHISTLEBLOWING LAW You should always consult an experienced specialist in employment law and whistleblowing. The below is only a short summary of some of the key areas and not a substitute for proper advice and representation.   Below is summarised : Key cases. Main pa
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Unfair dismissal

An employee who has not been dismissed properly may have the right to claim compensation for an unfair or discriminatory dismissal, may be owed a redundancy payment, or may have the right to be paid for an unfulfilled contractual notice period.
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Discrimination at work – overview

Discrimination may occur before employment (job applicants), during employment or in some situations when employment has ended. It may be the result of actions by the employer, or their agents, or other colleagues.
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We have a team of friendly experienced advocates with a reputation for tough and extremely effective advocacy where the case demands it. We are uncompromising and fight very hard to get the results you need.
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Whistleblowing Law

Whistleblowing is essentially the reporting of wrongdoing in the workplace. The law has worked to protect those who speak out in this way, to ensure that their employment rights remain unaffected and that they cannot be victimized for speaking out.
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