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Should Whistleblowers Be Rewarded Financially?

The controversial American scheme of encouraging whistleblowing via payment is now prevalent in the UK. Should it be made official policy?
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TUC Claims UK Workers Cannot Afford to Challenge Discrimination

TUC has announced the number of workers challenging discrimination has dropped significantly since the introduction of tribunal fees.
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BBC Producer’s Final Written Warning ‘Manifestly Inappropriate’

Workplace disciplinary actions are so complex that one error can alter the whole process. That point was made in the case of a BBC producer who was dismissed after being issued with a manifestly inappropriate final written warning.
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Employers Must Be Proactive To Ensure Workers Get Proper Breaks

break time
An Employment Appeal Tribunal has warned employers they need to take a proactive approach to ensure workers are given efficient break times.
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Greater Protection For Child Care Whistleblowers Announced

A government concession has granted UK childcare workers legal protection against acts of whistleblowing in the workplace.
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‘Employment Status’ Euphemism Disguised Race Discrimination

Racial discrimination at work can occur in less obvious forms, as seen in a recent case involving a pay dispute by immigrant workers.
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Employer Escapes Vicarious Liability for Salesman’s Negligence

Should negligent worker actions always be the responsibility of the employer? A recent tribunal case ruled there can be exceptions.
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Tesco Workers Claim Pay Discrimination

Legal action is being taken against Tesco by workers who claim the supermarket has committed discrimination by reducing their pay.
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Partners Subject to Forfeiture Principle – Landmark High Court Ruling

A landmark High Court ruling has stated the forfeiture principle can be extended to profit shares paid to equity partners and LLP members.
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Paid Employee or Equity Partner? High Court Guidance

The distinction between paid employees & equity partners can be troubling as a High Court case involving a father & son recently proved.
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