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UK Couriers Face High Charges for Illness Absence

It has emerged that many UK couriers who deliver for popular retailers must pay a fee of £150 for each working day they miss due to illness.
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Major Rise In Zero Hour Contracts: How Do We Solve This Controversial Issue?

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The number of UK workers on zero hours contracts has risen to 910,000. Why are these contracts so prolific and do they really have benefits?
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Territorial Scope of UK Employment Laws – Guideline Decision

British Tribunals can sometimes hear claims brought by foreign nationals. However one recent case proved this is not always a possibility.
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Good Faith Lacking in Religious Discrimination Claim

In a ruling involving religious rights, tribunal denied a worker his hopes of an annual period of leave to attend religious festivities.
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Whistleblower Wins 13 Year Legal Battle Against HSBC

After thirteen years a whistleblower has finally won his case against HSBC, which will see the banking giant have to pay out £4m.
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Agency Workers – Are You Paid Less than Directly Employed Colleagues?

When an agency worker was denied the same rights as employed staff, tribunal had difficulty determining how compensation should be granted.
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Plumber’s Win Marks New Victory Against Gig Economy Discrimination

A recent ruling saw a plumber win a case being regarded as the greatest victory yet in a gig economy tribunal hearing.
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Government Tribunal Fee Report Criticised

Widespread criticism has followed the release of a government report examining the effect that tribunal fees are having on employment law hearings.
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Zero Tolerance No Substitute for Individual Consideration

Individual cases can sometimes dictate legal outcomes. In one case, a worker who lost his job following an angry office incident succeeded in his unfair dismissal claim.
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Is Type 2 Diabetes a Disability? Employment Appeal Tribunal Considers

The definition of 'disability' in employment can be controversial. This was highlighted in a case concerning a type 2 diabetes sufferer.
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