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Nursing Agency Founder Was Fairly Dismissed

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A nurse who was sacked from the recruitment agency she founded after being accused of involvement in ‘massaging’ the books was fairly dismissed
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Employment Law Updates May 2014

May Employment Law Updates
Employers are reminded that the minimum time period for complying with the rules regarding the provision of employee liability information when there is a relevant transfer under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) is extended...
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Employment Law Updates April 2014

From 6th April this year, a number of employment law changes have been introduced to the UK.
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Whistleblowing – Blackbay Ventures Ltd (Chemistree) v Gahir

It is recommended that employers investigate promptly and thoroughly as well as take specialist advice where concerns are raised regarding health and safety or legal obligations.
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Rewarded for Whistleblowing?

The EU is considering whether US style 'bounty payments,' should be paid within the European Union.
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Constructive Dismissal – Reducing Compensation Due to Contributory Fault on Behalf of Claimant

In a recent case the EAT had to consider whether or not compensation should have been reduced due to contributory fault on behalf of the claimant.
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Three Emails Taken Together as Protected Disclosure in Whistleblowing Case

When considering exactly what constitutes a 'qualifying protected disclosure,' it is always advisable to seek specialist advice.
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Covert Recordings at Disciplinary Hearings – Can they be used as evidence?

For years there have been debates as to whether or not covert recordings can be used as evidence at employment tribunal.
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Surrogacy and Maternity Leave – Recent Debates

A highly controversial decision with regards to a mother’s rights for maternity leave was recently made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
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Discrimination and Vicarious Liability – Third Party

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The concept of vicarious liability, particularly in relation to a third party is one that can cause considerable concern to that of an employer
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