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Grievance & Disciplinaries

SUMMARY OF WHISTLEBLOWING LAW HOW TO WRITE A GRIEVANCE LETTER ABOUT DISCRIMINATION OR WHISTLEBLOWING DETRIMENT   Summary 1. Ask your employer for a copy of the Grievance Procedure. 2. Draft a grievance focussing on facts in chronological order : What happened. How it happened. Wh
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Whistleblowing Cases

SUMMARY OF WHISTLEBLOWING LAW You should always consult an experienced specialist in employment law and whistleblowing. The below is only a short summary of some of the key areas and not a substitute for proper advice and representation.   Below is summarised : Key cases. Main pa
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Defending Claims

Defending Claims
If you are looking for a firm to defend any claim which has been lodged against you or even provide advice in relation to grievance or dismissal procedures, we are ready and able to assist you.
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Your business

We understand that your business is important to you. As a Small-Medium Sized Enterprise ("SME") you need a fast, efficient and first class service at a competitive price.
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Human Resources

With continuous changes in employment law and the ever increasing need to keep up to date with ‘HR best practice’, SMEs can find valuable management time is spent reacting to HR situations rather than dedicating time to proactive business solutions. UK employment law is constantly cha
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We have a team of friendly experienced advocates with a reputation for tough and extremely effective advocacy where the case demands it. We are uncompromising and fight very hard to get the results you need.
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Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements are normally used in a situation where an employee’s contractual, statutory or common law rights are going to be waived or ‘compromised.’
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Bullying and Harassment

Harassment at work image
An employee who has been subject to bullying and harassment at work is entitled to take action. The difficulty usually lies in being able to establish whether bullying and harassment has actually taken place, or whether the behaviour amounts to something less serious.
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Redundancy claims

A redundancy situation is one where: 1. An employer’s business no longer operates in the area in which the employees to be made redundant work. 2. The business as a whole has ceased to exist. 3. There is no longer a need for the work carried out by employees being made redundant,
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Whistleblowing Law

Whistleblowing is essentially the reporting of wrongdoing in the workplace. The law has worked to protect those who speak out in this way, to ensure that their employment rights remain unaffected and that they cannot be victimized for speaking out.
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