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Library Manager Wins Fresh Chance to Prove her Dismissal was Unfair

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A former library manager made redundant has won a chance to prove her dismissal was unfair on the basis she was not offered an alternative position.
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‘Pulling a Sickie’ Is Grounds for Dismissal, Tribunal Rules

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A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) emphasised that faking sickness, even for short periods, can be considered grounds for dismissal.
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Co-op Whistleblower Claims Unfair Dismissal

A former Co-operative Group executive claims her reputation was ruined after she spoke out over alleged malpractice and poor governance at the company.
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Credibility Crucial in NHS Unfair Dismissal Case

Witness credibility played a significant role in the case of an NHS care assistant who was sacked after being accused of threatening a patient.
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Leading Surgeon Claims Unfair Dismissal After Whistleblowing

Top Surgeon Joseph Meirion Thomas claims he was forced from his job after writing a series of articles criticising the NHS.
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Fireman’s Unfair Dismissal Claim Defeated by Delay

In a reminder to all that, in employment cases, timing can be everything, a sacked fireman has had his compensation hopes dashed after he delayed too long before seeking professional advice and launching his unfair dismissal claim.
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Landmark Unfair Dismissal Victory for Whistleblowing Cardiologist Dr Raj Mattu

The case of Mattu vs UCHW (University Hospitals of Coventry) has drawn widespread attention not only amongst employment law specialists but also the media.
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Constructive Dismissal – Reducing Compensation Due to Contributory Fault on Behalf of Claimant

In a recent case the EAT had to consider whether or not compensation should have been reduced due to contributory fault on behalf of the claimant.
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Inadvertent Misconduct and Summary Dismissal

Summary Dismissal
In the case of Robert Bates Wrekin Landscapes Ltd v Knight, the issue of whether or not inadvertent misconduct would always justify summary dismissal has come under the spotlight...
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Changes to Unfair Dismissal in the UK

2013 will see several key changes made to the rules on unfair dismissal and the way in which cases are to be handled by tribunals...
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