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Do you want to work with a whistleblowing barrister in London? The Nationwide Employment Lawyers website is the place you need to be. We understand more than anyone how stressful and time-consuming it can be dealing with an employment law issue or an Employment Tribunal claim, so let us help you by shouldering the burden. We are a dedicated business that has a team of experienced and talented in-house advocates who have practised at the highest levels.


Throughout all the legal proceedings you will have the same dedicated whistleblowing barrister in London and Advocate assigned to you so that we can ensure the highest care is provided to you and your case. We are uncompromising and fight very hard to get the results you need. We will use our extensive experience, our commitment, our knowledge of the law and most importantly our sound judgement to ensure you have the best possible prospect of succeeding. You can rest assured that when working with our clients, we always aim to uphold our exceptional reputation for our customer advocacy and reliability – which is something we are very proud of.


Whistleblowing is essentially the reporting of wrongdoing in the workplace. In order to protect those who do speak out, the law is there to ensure that their employment rights remain unaffected. The Employment Rights Act 1996 provides a structure within which whistleblowers can make a disclosure in the public interest and this was amended by the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, which introduced increased protection for whistleblowers. Compensation can be awarded to those who suffered from the consequences of whistleblowing, the final value depending on the detriment and how much loss was suffered.


Here at Nationwide Employment Lawyers, one of our most successful Senior Advocates – with the same experience as a whistleblowing barrister in London – is Damian McCarthy. He is highly passionate about protecting his clients’ interests and works hard to understand their case in order to develop a winning strategy. He enjoys guiding clients safely through the difficulties they face in Employment Tribunal claims and take winning cases personally – so you know he is the individual you need to contact.

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