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Nationwide Employment Lawyers – team of Senior Advocates with same experience as Harassment Lawyers in London

Do you want to be represented by a team of Senior Advocates, who have the same level of expertise as harassment lawyers in London? You need to visit the Nationwide Employment Lawyers website today. Our team has up to twenty years experience in employment law claims with expertise in claims of whistleblowing, sex discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, unfair dismissal, redundancy, compromise agreements, bullying and harassment, and stress claims.


Here at Nationwide Employment Lawyers, we are an excellent group of experienced individuals whose record of representing clients is truly outstanding. All the work we provide is seamless and cost-effective, ensuring you have peace of mind from start to finish as we are more than happy to help you with any case that may surround employment law. We are more than happy to help you with any case that may surround employment law and no case will be deemed as being too big or small, so you are guaranteed to be receiving a friendly, knowledgeable and professional service.


Harassment at work is demeaning and unacceptable. This constitutes behaviour or comments that create an environment of humiliation, hostility, offensiveness, degradation or intimidation for an individual which violates that individual’s dignity in the workplace. The Equality Act 2010 consolidates all previous equality legislation, protecting individuals against harassment and/or discrimination. If there is psychiatric injury as a result of the bullying and harassing behaviour, or the behaviour does not fall within the EA coverage, a County Court claim may be pursued. Where there is bullying and harassment taking place that falls into one of the EA categories, a claim can be taken to an Employment Tribunal – which is where our harassment lawyers in London would be able to help you.


As a firm, we hold great pride in sustaining our exceptional reputation for our customer support and reliability. This is something we are very proud to uphold with each of the clients we work with, as part of our excellent customer service guarantee. We also take our customer’s satisfaction incredibly seriously – which is why we always ensure our clients are 100% happy while working with our committed team.


If you would like to work with our Senior Advocates – who have the same level of experience as the best harassment lawyers in London – the Nationwide Employment Lawyers website is the place you need to be. If you would like to have a chat with a member of our team, give us a call on 020 8263 6080. Alternatively, fill in the contact form on our website and one of our professionals will get in touch with help and advice in all areas of employment law.

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